Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustrations: Markus Bülow

Player: 3 – 5 persons
Time: ca. 90 min
Age: 16+

The Curse of the Mummy - a Sphinx card game by Henning Poehl

Hunt for the lost treasures of the forever damned in the valley of dead Pharoaohs. Nobody has ever escaped the fatal curse of the mummy. Greedy tomb robbers should never forget what dwells in the depths of hell. Unspeakable horrors lurk hidden in the sand here.
Can you already feel the spell of the mummy enveloping you? Can you escape it?

And can you learn enough to escape the next curse?

„The Curse of the Mummy“ is an exciting game where one player assumes the role of the mummy, and tries to prevent the others from plundering its treasures.

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