Game-Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustrator: Tobias Thies

Player: 3 – 6 persons
Age: 16+
Playing time: 60 min.

Sport is Murder

It is the goal of the game to become as fit as possible, by exercising sport as much as possible. Since exercising sport, as the game points out here, can be extremely dangerous, this game does not require any sporty activities of the player exercising the sport in the game.

You can find in the card-piles to each of the eight different sports three cards with horrible accidents.

  • basketball
  • billiarde
  • bowling
  • bicycle
  • soccer
  • nordic walking
  • snowboard
  • tennis
  • Sport ist Mord - Kartenbeispiele

    The accidents show different gravity degrees. Thus there is a light, heavy and deadly accidents.
    Now the players must try to get the training-cards without suffering the described accidents. Besides, they carry out competitions with the other players who even try to provoke accidents.
    It is coached in this game with dices. Every player has at disposal in addition ten dices of own colour.

    exampel setup for a game sport is murder
    This pciture is made by a prototyp.

    Play material::

    • 110 cards
      • 72 trainingcards
      •   8 little accidents
      •   8 heavy accidents
      •   8 deadly accidents
      •   1 1A-trainer-coach
      •   1 The best coach whom I could get
      •   1 doping
      •   1 overviewcard: dices outside/inside
      • 10 overview and shortrule cards
    • 60 dices (in six colours))
    • 12 doping pills

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