Designer: Tyler Sigman & Henning Poehl
Illustrator: Matthias Catrein

Player: 3 – 5 inquisitors
Age: 16+
Playing time: 60 min.

Hammer of the witches game

With increasing fire, the probabability increase that the villager will burn. This is a disturbing game about the methods used to sniff out and punish witches by the power of the Court of Inquisitors.
In the game, you become one of these honourable inquisitors and learn the following: how to recognize the acts of witches, when to throw the accused in jail, how to conduct a tribunal and how to decide on the final verdict.
In the process, you help with the driving out of Devilry and Witchcraft. But watch out, or an informant of yours will end up accused as well. You must protect the lives of your helpers – only the witches should be consigned to the fire

passed water proofKissing the bum of the devil!


110 Playingcards:

  • 15 Villager (Malefici)
  • 15 staks
  • 78 Verleumdungskarten
    • 16 defamation-cards
    • 6 different evidence
    • 4 different inaccurate witness
    • 5 different confessions
    • 6 different witch-samples
    • 8 denegations
    • 14 donations
    • 3 advocates
    • 16 special-cards
  • 2 summary cards

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