Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustrator: Henning Poehl

Player: 3 – 6 Vampire
Age: 16+
Playing time: approximately 60 minutes


What’s it all about?

In this game, you take on the role of a vampire and must provide yourself with blood.
To do this, you visit a nearby village and carry its inhabitants off to your castle, in order to more easily get their blood.

Dorfkarten Vampirconnection

But you are not alone, other vampires are also keen on the inhabitants of the village and they won’t hesitate to steal them from your castle. The competition among the vampires is rough and the life of an immortal, which depends on that red elixir of life, is not that easy.

Vampirkarten Vampirconnection

It is apparent that there are vampire hunters in abundance throughout the area and they consider it their sacred task to drive stakes into the hearts of peaceful vampires. But, fortunately, you have a hunchback assistant, that can revive you.
What’s that?
You just sent him away?
Well, that wasn’t too bright of you…
How will you do as an immortal?

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