Designers: Dietmar Bockelmann & Henning Poehl
Illustrations: Stephan Baumgart
English Translation: Phil Eklund
Players: 2-5
Ages: 10+
Duration: approx. 45 min

Click on the image to see an enlarged view and more cards of the game.

At ancient forgotten ritual places, you want to call the Old Gods to gain as much secret influence over the world as possible.
To do this you first have to discover the places and then gather together four cultists.
The more skilled the cultists are who call the gods for you, the more your power grows.
But you have to fight against many strange events.
Not every cultist is equally well skilled to any ritual, and the order in which the cultists appear at the ritual place is of great importance.


  • 110 cards
    • 12 ritual places showing Great Old Ones and their names.
    • 92 ritual cards: 80 more or less qualified acolytes and 12 events.
    • 5 Secret Influence cards
    • 1 game overview card
  • 1 game rule (German)

A English game rule will be available soon at this website for download!

The game is in German with German text on the cards. Here is the English translation of the rules: Rituals of Madness (English rules) .

The game is currently in production and can be pre-ordered up to its release date on 24.10.2019 in the 1A-Spiele-Shop for a special price!

Sphinx Games are on the Spiel’19 at Hall 1, booth F129