Here you find board and card games about the death or the evil and unhallowed side of life.

Carta Nostra Carta Nostra
A criminal card game.
Click, Click, Bang! Click, Click, Bang!
A dice game of money and life.
IÄÄ! Cthulh! Fhtagn! IÄÄ! Cthulh! Fhtagn!
A game to summon Cthulhu!
Duell Duel
Play with me the game of death!
Eye for an Eye Eye for an Eye – NEW in October 2014!
Save your Eyes!
Ratten im Gemäuer Rats in the Walls
The madness in the walls!
Shark Attacks -SPE Shark Attacks! – Swan Panasia Edition 2014 – NEW in November 2014
A dangerous beach!
Shark Attacks Shark Attacks! – 2012 – SOLD OUT
A dangerous beach!
Rolling Bones Rolling Bones – SOLD OUT
Let’s roll the bones!
The Exorcists The Exorcists
Confound you Satanas!
Apocalypse Apocalypse
The end of the world imminence!
Dia de los Muertos Dia de los Muertos
A crazy race about an alarmingly living graveyard.
Sport is murder Sport is murder
A game about the frightening dangers of the sport.
Dance of death Dance of death
The power of the death about the living persons.
Hammer of the witches Hammer of the witches
Witch’s mania in a peaceful village.
Rest in peace Rest in peace
Who books the last graves?
Monster Maker Monster Maker
In search of the best funeral parts.
Vampire Connection Vampire Connection
Thirsty vampires visit a village.