Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye

Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustrations: Michael Holtschulte

Number of Players: 4 – 6 Personen
Playing time: 45 minutes
User Suggested Ages: 12 and up

How the gang tableaus works.

How the gang tableaus works.

„Eye for an Eye (Auge um Auge)“ is publishede in a small edition of 500 pieces and releases to Spiel’14 in Essen!

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Outpaws - Rocker Karte

What is it about?

Each player leads a gang with six members. The goal is to be the first gang to inflict at least 8 black eyes against opponents in a street fight. You win if you are the first to do this.
In case of a tie, the gang with the fewest black eyes wins.

    Game contents

  • 6 Gang tableaus – Each shows a gang with six members.
    Each gang member has a number, a name, and a special ability.
  • 72 Black Eye Markers – Place these markers on the head of a gang member to show how many black eyes he has suffered. Each gang member can have one or two black eyes.
  • 6 wooden markers as „fisticuffs markers“ for your fisticuffs level.
  • 36 dice (6 dice in 6 different colors) – Each member of a gang is represented by a dice
  • 1 bag – n which the game material is stored
  • 1 Rule (in German and in English)

You find the English rules of the game here.

Auge um Auge - dice bag

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