Game-Desinger: Weilburger Seven
Illustration: Marcel-André Casasola Merkle

Player: 4 Personen
Age: 10+
Playin time: ~ 20 min

The game: One agains One

This is a unique game – the only thing that we can tell you here:

It is a "Spiel ohne Anleitung", that means: It is a game with no rulebook.

Therefore we can’t tell you the rules here – that’s part of the gaming experience.

By the way … we have a few translated games in stock!
The text on the material is translated with stickers affixed for you by hand (from one of the game-disigner itself).

Material of the game:
Matrial of the game - One agains One
Unfortunately, a clear view on the play material, would betray too much.

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