Game-Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustrator: Matthias Catrein

Player: 2 to 5 nose picker
Age: every body can nose picking!
Playing time: 15-30 min

Nose Picking

You get biger boogers with a cold

What’s it all about?

Finally, you can do in public what you could previously only do in private: pick your nose to your heart’s content! And not only that! In this game, you can finally get together with friends for a little old-fashioned communal nose-picking. All together, you can stick your fingers into up to as many as four noses. The best picker is the one who optimally uses length, width and angle to fish out the fattest boogers. Warning: excessing picking can lead to nasal enlargement!

buckled finger use for nose picking  long finger use for nose picking  width finger use for nose picking
Somebody has a special finger for nose picking.
But you need not only a fine dexterity for nose picking. You need also luck if you want get big boogers.
So you find nice booger-green dice in this game.

Game material:

    72 cards: Spezial fingers for nose picking große und kleine Popel

  • 5 nose cards – printing doubleside with one nose on each side.
  • 21 booger-cards – with boogers in three different sizes.
  • 46 nose-picking-cards – with different fingers,
  • 6 colds
  • 2 green nose-picking-dice

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Here you find the English rules as pdf-file.