The purpose of the independent sphinx game company (founded on 14.02.01) is to present demanding games in high-quality.
The thematic contents of the games should rise in each case in the play mechanism and state as far as possible the special charm of the games.
However, the play fun has in all games the uppermost priority.

A great play idea is worth nothing, if the game not works.

In my (Henning Poehl – owner of the independent game company ) mind it’s always disappointing if in a thematically fantastically formed game the subject is not to be recognised in the play mechanism.

If a man is a little bit discontented with something, he must try to make it better!

This was one of the main reasons, why I have founded the independent sphinx game company.

As a dipl. biologist I’m aligned of course to the biological subjects very much, particularly as it was also the biology which gave me the incentive to develop my first game.

In the evolution biology the people every time speaks about the strategies which creatrues develops to survive.
As a friend of strategy games the question suggested itself to me how to integrate these strategies in games. The first game which I develops with these intention, now still rests in my locker and is a very complicated and boring strategy game.
Finally the much simpler and exciting card game Egg on has originated from this complicated board game.
For it the concept „biological games“ was also developed by me. Thus I call games which have to the purpose to transform biological strategies playfully.
For me there are attractive play mechanisms have originated from it.

There still remains the question: Why I develop and produce black games and whimsical games?

Now, the idea for Vampire Connection has leaped into my mind when I stood on the way to my job in the early morning rush-hour traffic rope.
I have transformed the idea very fast to a playable game, and it has also been great fun to all test players immediately. So I had to produce it!

At this point I want thanks my wife Antonia Rudolph and my children Lukas, Juliana and Kassandra. Without their patience by frequent test playing my new games and their understanding for the time which I put in this game company a realisation of my ideas would not be possible.

I wish you a lot of fun with all your (and my) games!