Game-Designer: Ignacio Sánches & Jorge Pinán
Illustration: Markus Bülow

Player: 2 – 5 
Age: 8+
Playing time: ~ 5 min per Player

Duel - Once upon a game in the west

The Wild West!

Duellkarte - Leben Duellkarte - Sarg

A merciless place where only the toughest live long enough to reap their reward.

Actionkarte Colt action_barikade

Will you be the fastest in a duel?

action_flinte action_nachladen

Can you choose the right weapon at the right moment?

1 Dollar 2 Dollar

Your goal is to be the last one standing after a shootout so as to cash the bounty.
The first to grab a Fistful of Dollars wins the game.

    Game components 55 cards:

  • 5 sets with 6 action cards (3 x Colt, 1 x Rifle, 1 x Barricade, 1 x Reloding)
  • 5 duel cards (with the sides „living“ and „grave“)
  • 1 duel master card
  • 11 dollar cards (with the sides 1 Dollar and 2 Dollars)
  • 2 x 4 rule cards (English & German)

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