IÄÄ Cthulhu! Fhtagn! - Dice Gam

Game-Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustration: Stephan Baumgarten

Player: 2 bis 3 persons or up to 6 persons using 2 game sets
Age: 12+
Playing time: 10-30 min


What’s all about?
As a cult leader, build your cult’s power by calling on the mighty Cthulhu.
With the help of tentacles symbolized on dice faces and even the volume of your spoken voice, invoke the great elders to your bidding, gaining power points that raise you above all other religions. But beware! Not only are rivals against you. If in your appeal the elder signs do not appear, even the mighty Cthulhu will rise up against you.



  • 20 x Cthulhu-Summoning-dice
  • 3 x Doubling-stones (green glass beads)
  • 1 x starting Cult-stone (orange glass bead)
  • 1 x dice bag
  • 1 x rule book

In addition, you will need a pen and a piece of paper.

„IÄÄ! Cthulhu! Fhtagn!“ is a limited and numbered Edition of 500 copies.

„IÄÄ! Cthulhu! Fhtagn!“ has simple rules!