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Rotaris – Novelty 2010 Sphinx & Dante-Games

turn – set – win!

Rotaris – the revolutionary strategy game for two

Rotaris - The game with the turn

Each player rotates one of the two rings on the board and places his ball.

The first player to create a line of 5 balls of his color wins.
Quick to learn, but difficult to master. The double-nested rotators „revolutionizes“ the situation with every transmogrification. This special feature has turned many a head …

The game is of high quality material consisting solely of wood and glass, housed in a convenient folding package.

Time: 5-10min
Age: 7+ years
Players: 2

For a bargain price, pre-order the game during its production phase at our shop (German).

If you don’t understand German, order our games here using our contact form.

Ten years Sphinx game company

Ten Years Sphinx Games

The 10-year-old jubilee of the sphinx game company is celebrating this year.
We thank at this point all which play our games!

We also plan during the next ten years to continue with our line to present to you play fun of the special kind, whith independent games thematically on the other side of mainstream .

English rules The exorcists

the english rules for „The exorcists“ are now online.
Sorry, for waiting so long.
You find there also english patterns for the character-cards. So you can cutting them out and stick them on the German cards or other cardboards. So you get your own english character-cards for playing.
Addinaly you find there the translation for the item and investigation cards.
Enjoy the game.

English rules for Exorcists coming soon.

I promise you on the game fair to posting the english rules for „The Exorcists“ here on my webside.
Unfortunately I’m very busy and so you’ll find the rules here not untill Decembere.


Sphinx at the Spiel’09

Spiel 2008 We are from 22. to 25.10. at the SPIEL 2009 the international game fair
  Sphinx gamecompany, hall 9, booth 9-31
(Same place like last year!)

You will find Sierra Madre Games (Phil Eklund) with us together in the same booth.

This are our new games 2009 you can see there:

New Englisch webside of Sphinx gamecompany!

Wellcome at our new homepage.
Unfortunately this side is not finished!
Because of this, you’ll find here some German text.
But step by step we will change the German text to the English text.
So if you come back, you’ll see more and more English informations.
Henning Poehl

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