Game-Designer: Henning Poehl
Illustrator: Matthias Catrein

Player: 2 persons
age: 10+ years
playing time: 20-30 min


Spidertwist (Spinnentwist) is a ‘love’ game. Each player tries to bring 10 male spiders to a female. The goal of the males is to mate with the female (who owns the web). The males must move very carefully, though. A single wrong move and the male ends up in the stomach of the ‘love-hungry’ female. And when a male makes such a mistake, it lets the others move about without fear for a short time while the female’s hunger is satisfied – a chance to move closer to the female without being noticed.

Spidertwist gameboard
Spidertwist is a tactical game with simple rules that gains special attraction from the fact that the goal of the game is also the source of the danger. Two different webs (game boards) allow various starting configurations of male spiders and promise much enjoyment over many games.


game material:

  • 20 spider males (in two colors)
  • 1 spider fimale (yellow wood)
  • 1 double side game board with two differen spider webs
  • 1 side dice

You can buy the game here in our Shop (German).

If you don’t understand German, order our games here using our contact form. We will tell you the shiping costs to your country and the costs of the game.

We will tell you the shiping costs to your country and the costs of the game.

Here you find the English rules as pdf-file.



links about the love life of spiders


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